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Self defense, home security, pepper spray Self defense, home security, pepper spray

Combat spray is a tactical defence weapon, which will deter and stop the biggest attacker or attackers.

​Numerous benefits of pepper spray can be noted;
It is fast acting, Pepper Spray's effect is immediate and powerful, and it can immobilise an individual long  enough for the person to escape their assailant, in comparison to CS and CN which can take up to 15 seconds to activate on the face, skin, eyes and respiratory system,
(CN and CS gas are chemically derived products, previously used in the military and defense force.)
 It has also successfully been used on subjects that are inebriated or drugged.
 It is highly effective when used on vicious animals.
It is considered to be a much safer option than other chemically based teargasses.
Combat Pepper Spray is the only Pepper Spray to be tested and passed by the SABS (South African Bureau of Standards). Our Pepper Spray is also non-carcinogenic as well as non-toxic.

Directions for use of Combat Pepper Spray
Before initial use, perform a test spray in order to understand the force needed to deliver the perfect spray. This can be done by placing your forefinger under the safety cap and pressing down hard for a 1-second test spray, this is done outdoors.
To ensure your well-being, use your combat spray correctly by aiming straight for the face of your attacker, at a distance of 2 meters, press for at least 3 seconds to ensure  best results. This spray will effect the mucous membranes of the respiratory system, causing choking plus will at the same time cause a terrible burning sensation in the eyes, rendering your attackers harmless. This spray will have this effect for at least one hour, with no permanent side effects


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Pepper Spray Alarms

Pepper Spray for Cyclists

Pepper spray self defense, Maise Pepper spray self defense, Maise

Pepper Spray Cycling

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray self defense Pepper spray self defense

Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray Pepper Spray

Would you be able to see through this burning chilli oil?!!!

These Sprays are specially designed for your wellbeing and safety.

Pepper Spray Products

1.2 litre Riot Pepper Spray

Lady Spray

Pepper Spray, Self defense Pepper Spray, Self defense
Pepper Spray, Self Defense Pepper Spray, Self Defense
60ml & 100ml available in fog or direct stream

300ml Riot or commercial

Pepper Spray Alarm refill

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